2016 - Get the Lessons


2016 - Get the Lessons

Before you completely close the door on 2016 give yourself the gift of harvesting all of the gold the last 12 months has provided you.  Take some time to capture all of your wins - all of those moments big and small that brought a smile to your face.  The moments that you are proud of and what you have accomplished.  And then take some time to look for the lessons in the times that maybe didn't go quite as planned, where things didn't look quite as bright as you would have liked, take some time of reflection to look at those events and look for the lessons.    

Often we are so quick to move on to the next thing, in this case the next year, without taking the time to celebrate, to learn and then make the adjustments, this is a skill not only to embody at the end of the year but throughout the year.  By celebrating our successes we put more energy on them signalling to the Universe that we would love more of that. By learning from the lessons we can make valuable adjustments not to repeat the same patterns.  Both of these - the wins and the lessons, can be powerful tools in creating a 2017 that you love.  Use them as feedback to get greater clarity of what you would love more of and what you would love less of as we begin a new year. 

If you are ready for additional tools and support to help you build a 2017 you love please consider attending The Vision Workshop on January 21 in Edmonton, this will be a powerful day where you will learn tools to create, not the typical New Years resolutions, but a powerful vision for your life as well as tools to sustain change in your life.  If you are unable to make it on January 21st but would love to have some support, book a complimentary strategy session using this link.

An idea I learned from a client this year to anchor the idea of celebrating your wins going into 2017, consider starting a 'win jar', every time something great happens in your life write it on a piece of paper and place it in a jar, periodically throughout the year, and then as the year closes out, you can go through the jar and recall all of those moments - what a great way to energize the successes.  

To harvesting the gold,