How to Set Goals in an Uncertain Year

Are you hesitating to set your goals for 2021 because of all of the uncertainty right now?

I saw a cute post that said “I’m not buying a 2021 planner until I see a preview.” It is funny, but I do think that’s how many people are feeling right now. They set goals in 2020 and then everything changed. Now, things are changing so quickly and still so uncertain, that people don’t want to set goals because they don’t know what to expect. Are you going to be able to travel? Are you going to be able to run your business? If so, what will that look like?

I’m here to tell you today, that no matter the uncertainty in our global climate right now, it’s still so important that you take the time to ask the question “What would I love?”

There’s two ways for us to live. One is by design, and one is by default. If we’re not setting goals, intentions and visions, we’re living in a place of default, which means we’re just taking on the energy of the global climate. We’re simply reacting to conditions and to circumstances. We’re repeating the same patterns that we’ve lived before.

So our opportunity, especially as we’re looking at a new year, is to be more intentional. It’s to look at the calendar and really ask “What would I love to create this year?”

And that part of you that’s feeling uncertain, and not sure what’s going to happen, just give yourself permission to put that on hold for now. There is uncertainty, and things may need to change, but as you’re setting your goals for 2021, as you’re writing your vision, remember to hold it with an open hand. It’s this or something even better still. Maybe you’ll be able to take that trip, and maybe you won’t, but what’s important with those goals is what’s behind it. What are the qualities that are important to you? Is it new experiences? Is it challenging yourself? Is it trying or learning something new? Remember what the essence is, because there’s always a way to live into that part of it.

There’s a really great expression that goals are for growing, they’re not for forgetting. And if we’re not setting those goals and challenging ourselves to dream, even in the uncertainty, we’re not experiencing the growth. As you are starting this brand new year, 2021, take time to ask yourself, what would I love to create, knowing that in the absence of having those goals and those dreams we’re simply going to be repeating the old patterns.

If you would love some support with that, I highly encourage you to attend our Vision Workshop on January 23rd, where we’re going to go through a process on how to set those goals in a very powerful way. There’s lots of people that I know and that I have the privilege of working with, where 2020 was their best year ever. They experienced these wonderful results in their life despite what was going on, and despite the uncertainty.

And that’s what I want for you too, is that 2021 can be your best year ever and that starts by setting these goals, creating that vision, even in uncertain times.

Here is to you living a life you love.


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