When Fear Grabs You

3 Steps to Managing Fear

Fear.  It keeps us stuck.  It grabs on and doesn't want to let go.  How do you loosen the grip so you can move forward?

Fear, doubt and worry tend to appear when we are focus on circumstances in our life that we would prefer to be different; Relationship strain, financial burdens, a negative boss or co-worker, worrying about our kids, the list goes on.  

How do you release the stress that comes with these thoughts and fears - it starts with your thinking.  

Your mind is a powerful but neutral force.  Your mind will create whatever thoughts you impress on it and as long as your focus and attention is on your problems or limitations you continue to create that experience in your life.  So how to you change your thinking?  

  1. It starts by having clear concrete goals or a vision  If you are not happy with your current circumstances or situation what is it that you would love to create?  By having a vision of the life you would love to live it gives you somewhere else to place your attention instead of on your problems. Need help formulating your vision and setting your goals? Attend the Vision Workshop on April 12
  2. Remind yourself that you are more than your history, more than your circumstances, that the power within you is able to create any experience anything that you desire.  The facts in your life right now are changeable. You are a powerful creator and you are capable of more than you could have ever imagined.  Remind yourself of this Truth until you can feel it in your body, in your soul.  This feeling is a signal that your vibration is shifting and you are now open to create a different life experience.  
  3. Rinse and repeat. This is not something we do once.  It takes a bit of rigour to continually remind yourself about the truth of your nature, to refocus your attention on your vision and to connect with your spiritual nature; the part of you that can create anything you want. 

Fear can feel very powerful but as Michael Beckwith says "Don't tell God about you big problems, tell your problems about your big God."  

To living a live you love,