5 Simple Questions to Discover Your Passion

Are you wondering what your passion is? Do you know people who have known what they wanted be or do ever since they were a kid and you are left feeling lost and wondering what you're going to be when you finally grow up?

In this video you will find 5 simple questions to help discover what your passion is.

A couple of weeks ago I had someone approach me at an event, she had just watched one of my weekly videos and was so excited to ask me about it. To my surprise she wanted to know more about my oven that you could see in the background and not the message I had delivered - guess what her passion is??? I loved watching her light up as she talked about the stove and compared it to hers at home and what she would love for the cooking she does. It may not be that obvious to you what your passion is, but if you ask these five questions it will continue to be revealed to you.

Here's to your success,