How to Attract More Love Into Your Life

So often our focus is on what we don't have in life and the truth is whatever we focus on continues to manifest.  If you are ready for more love in your life place your focus on the love that currently exists, turn up the volume on your love for yourself, your family, friends, pets or whatever else is important in your life.   

If you are ready to attract that love partner into your life this year try this exercise - or if you want to deepen an existing relationship, this works for you too.

  1. List 50 qualities you would love to have in a partner.

  2. Now pick the top 5 - the qualities that are the most important to you.       
  3. It's self-reflection time.  How are you embodying those qualities.  For example, if a great communicator is one of your top qualities, how are you communicating with people in your life today.  If fun is a top quality are you having fun in your life today?  
  4. It is time for you to become who you want to attract.  Take your top 5 list and lean into those qualities yourself.  Remember we attract who we are not what we want. 

To a life filled with love,