A Long Way to Travel

country road stacey berger.jpg

In the spring-like conditions this week we headed out to the tobogganing hill near our house on Monday after school.  First Anna and I walked over, and not long after Aaron came running all the way over and then a little while later Adele came walking/stumbling through the field to join in on the fun. Not long ago, I remember how far that tobogganing hill seemed from our house, the kids were smaller and we had to haul them and their stuff out and it was such a daunting task and a trek that seemed overwhelming and at times it seemed just easier to stay inside.  

Isn't that true when we set a new goal for ourselves, it often seems so far and out of reach and we wonder how we will ever get there and at times it is just easier to stay where we are.  Michael Beckwith says we are either pushed by pain or pulled by a vision and these can be two motivating factors to start down the road no matter how long it may seem.  To keep you moving forward toward your goal these 3 tips can help you along the journey:

1. Fall in love with where you are going.  How in love are your destination?

2. Don't suffer from the lone ranger syndrome. Ask for help along the way. 

3. Take a step - any step.  Keep moving, you don't need to know exactly how it is all going to work, take the step that you know how to take and keep taking those steps. 

Steve Jobs said that you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."  As long as that road may seem in this moment trust that you will look back one day and it won't seem so far,  and remember the long road is part of the joy of the journey!  I am grateful for the winter days when we made the long trek to that tobogganing hill because those memories were worth the effort, and in my life when I've reached for a goal that seemed out of reach I am grateful for the part of me that took that first step.  

To Your Journey,