Another Day Another Dollar

"That job is not in my pay grade."
"One day closer to the weekend."  
"Thank goodness it is Friday." 

If your vision is to own your own business, or to be the boss, or to be in a completely different career than you are in now - how can you go to work excited every morning? 

Remember, the Universe reads and responds to our energy and if we want our circumstances to change we need to change our energetic field.   With that in mind what type of energy field do you have around you when you go to work every morning?  Another way to ask this is - how do I feel about my job?

I remember working in my small town grocery store as a teenager and even at that age - making less than minimum wage, I was always looking for extra jobs around the store, I wanted to do more.  Contrast that to some of my coworkers where if there were no customers in sight they took the opportunity to stand around and visit (aka complain), call their family members, and sometimes even cut their nails - gross, I know.  The thing about this is, as we do more than our job asks of us, or more than our pay grade says we should do, the Universe reads that energy and starts to move molecules to put us in a container that is more in alignment with our energy.  For me, that meant a sizeable, unexpected bonus at the time and many other opportunities throughout my career as I continued to embody that same attitude.  

Allow me to be very clear here, just doing more isn't enough.  It is really about being more, what is my energy around doing more - am I resentful, or am I happy to contribute?  Who you are being is so much more important than what you are doing.   How would I behave if I owned the company? How would I wake up each morning if I was in a career that I loved?  Ask yourself these questions and then put yourself in that emotional state.  

The new container and abundance, may or may not come directly from your current job or employer but it will come.  The point is to show up every day being a person of increase.  Do your job with an energy of bringing the very best you can, look for opportunities to help out and bring increase to your employer and coworkers and watch the circumstances around you change and new opportunities arise.  And soon you will find yourself saying "is it Friday already?"

To your success,