Anything is Possible with Love

What in your life feels like a mountain to move?  The mountain I would love to move right now is world peace.  A tall order and seemingly impossible but I believe, with all of my being, it is possible. 

I believe that love can move mountains.  This isn't the kind of love that we experience in our teens, or that we have for our children, spouses and families. The type of love I am referring to is when we can truly embrace the word Namaste "the divine in me sees the divine in you".  This is a deep love that occurs at the soul level, where we recognize the divinity in each and every being on this planet.  It does not mean we agree with their behaviour and maybe on a human level cannot understand why they say the things they do or act in the ways they do, but deep down we recognize that, they too, are on a soul journey. 

It is easy to condemn, to judge, to gossip but evolution requires us to respect, to love and to have compassion, both for ourselves, and for everyone around us.  And yes, it is possible to love someone in this way and at the same time have no desire to hang out with them and to be their friend.    

To transform the planet it starts in my own life.  Who in my life is there to forgive, to have more compassion for, to bless.  How can I honour more deeply the divinity in myself? 

This week, I encourage you to notice when you witness an act that you disagree with or when someone says something that offends or hurts you, silently bless that person.  See the divinity in them.  We cannot change anyone or impose our beliefs on him or her, but we can be more loving, more generous and more forgiving.  It is a daily practice that absolutely can move mountains.