Apply the Four Agreements in YOUR Life and Change Your Results

If you follow these four agreements they will absolutely change the trajectory of your life.

Recently I held a VIP day with my clients, and we did a bit of a deep dive on the work of The Four Agreements with Don Miguel Ruiz. These four agreements are based on ancient wisdom, which I believe that we’re just starting to rediscover and learn how to apply that wisdom into our lives today.

The Four Agreements are keystones that you can use and apply in your life to change patterns, and ultimately to change results. Here is a brief summary of what they are, and a special opportunity below!

The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. This means knowing that our words have power. Every time we speak a word, whether it’s out loud or an internal thought to ourselves, we’re planting seeds that will eventually grow in our lives. To be impeccable with our word is an invitation to really be good stewards of our mind, and to be mindful of how we’re speaking to other people, to be mindful of how we’re speaking to ourselves, and to start to really increase your awareness on the words that you’re using. Those thought seeds are being planting into the universal mind.

The second agreement is don’t take anything personally. We’ve got people in our lives who say things to us and behave in a certain way, and it’s so easy to take these things personally. Our feelings get hurt, we react, and we respond to those things. Don’t take anything personally is an invitation to realize that everybody is doing the best they can. When somebody says something hurtful to you, or when somebody cuts you off in traffic, to recognize that they are on their own life journey and they’re doing the best they can at their own level of awareness.

Agreement number three is don’t make assumptions. These are the stories that we’re telling ourselves. This is the lens that we’re seeing the world, it’s where we think we know what somebody else is thinking or what they meant. We’re constantly telling a story, and we’re making assumptions about what other people are thinking, feeling, and saying, and it’s not always true. So don’t make assumptions. When we really start to communicate better, we can ask for clarification. Being vulnerable in saying, “Hey, here’s what I think you said, is this really what you meant?” instead of just assuming. It can be a really powerful and empowering stance to take. What I love about don’t make assumptions is we’re also making assumptions about ourselves. About what we’re capable of, about what we’re not capable of, about how hard it’s going to be, how long it’s going to take. We have belief structures and assumptions about how it’s going to happen, or how things aren’t going to happen. So don’t make assumptions.

And finally, agreement number four is always do your best. Always do your best, recognizing that your best is going to be different every day. When you’re bringing your best, you’re bringing your best to being impeccable with your word, of not making assumptions, and of not taking things personally. It’s “How can I bring my very best self to this moment?” When you bring your best to this moment, that’s what creates a really great day, a great week, a great month, a great year, and ultimately a great life.

I’ve actually created for you a canvas with The Four Agreements. If this is something you’re interested in purchasing, click here to buy! It’s a really nice touchstone and reminder to apply these Four Agreements in your life.

So take these Four Agreements, think about which one would best serve you and just think, if you really leaned into one of these, or maybe all four of those, what could that do for your results?

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