Are You Celebrating Your Wins?

At the beginning of every client call and class I teach my first question is always “What are your wins from the week”.  When someone is new to working with me they pause, hesitate for a moment and then come up with one or two things from their day or week. 
We are programmed to look at our lives and see what needs fixing, what we could be doing better and what we want to change.  In asking the question “what are your wins” you begin to shift your focus to what is going right in your life and the more we do this we reprogram ourselves to see the wins first. As we celebrate the successes - every found penny, every compliment, every opportunity, we begin to attract more and more of these things into our lives.
So often we want the oak tree and when we see a sprout we stomp on it.  We dig it up.  We declare the world unfair.  Remember – the great oak tree could not be an oak tree without the sprout.   The found penny is a sign of abundance so celebrate it.   Wallace Wattles says “be as grateful for it now as you expect to be when you actually receive it”.  Be grateful for the sprout and know that it represents the oak tree that is on its way. 
What is your win from this week?

To Your Success,