Are You Coachable? And Why it’s Important!

Are you coachable?

This is a really important self-reflection question, and in my opinion, really determines our level of success, our ability to grow, and to really reach our potential.

I am very fortunate that I worked for an organization that really did a great job with our annual employee evaluations. I know many people hate them, some have never had them, some have had a really negative or traumatic experience with evaluations. However, this particular company really saw the value of sitting down with each employee on an annual basis to talk about what employees are doing really well, identify the opportunities for growth, and really asking each of us where we wanted to be in a year, three years, five years, and paving that way for the growth. One of the things that I really came to value in those evaluations when I was on the receiving end, is really listening for the areas that I could grow. Listening for any critiques that my boss had about me and my performance. I could take that criticism and those opportunities for growth, and apply it. I know that that is one of the main reasons that I rose in my career to an executive position, is because I was able to listen to that feedback, apply it in my life, and create results.

So here is an invitation for you to ask yourself, “Am I coachable?”

We can’t see our own blind spots, and that’s why we need each other to point out eachother’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. The more willing we are to receive that feedback, and then take it and apply it, the more opportunity you have to create exponentially greater growth.

I see lots of people in the work I do that say they want a certain result, but they suffer from what I would call the “I know that” syndrome. I think we’ve all, including myself, been guilty of that. It’s when somebody tries to teach or show us something, and it’s kind of like our arms are crossed, and we’re like “I know that already.”

As soon as we’re in that “I know that” energy, we’re no longer open to receive the feedback, the good, or the message that could potentially be the key that causes our growth.

Really notice when you’re shutting yourself down, or maybe have a bit of “I know that” syndrome going on, instead of being open to “What’s there for me to know here? What is the lesson here for me?”

So are you coachable? Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to learn from your mistakes? Are you willing to learn from the people around you? Are you willing to hear what your strengths and weaknesses are, take those and harvest them, so that ultimately you can reach your goals?

A great way to discover what one of your blind spots might be, is to go to somebody that you trust, that you respect, and ask them ask them to share with you if there’s anything that they can see within you that was was maybe one of your current barriers, or an opportunity for growth. Let them know that your intention is to be the best version of yourself, and getting that feedback, like I said, is the breakfast of champions.

So challenge yourself to do that today!

Here is to you living a love,


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