Are you growing weeds or abundance?


Last week we planted our vegetable garden, one by one the rows of carrots, beets, beans and peas were placed gently into their spot in the soil, covered up and then given water.  And before that, the decision needed to be made about what to plant, the dirt had to be cultivated, the rows measured and then the seeds were are planted and, for the past week, watered almost daily.  And over the next couple of months the weeds will be pulled and the kids and I will oohh and ahh as the little green sprouts begin to poke out of the ground and eventually we will enjoy the deliciousness of freshly grown vegetables. 

What if we took that much planning our lives?

Planting the garden is always such a great reminder and metaphor for me to look at my own life to observe what seeds I've been planting. Because, just like the ground doesn't care what seeds we plant, if we plant roses and nurture that seed we will eventually see a rose bush, if we plant thistle and nurture that thistle in a short time we will have an abundance of thistle, the Universe doesn't care if we plant ideas of worry and regret or joy and abundance - it will grow whatever ideas that are planted and nurtured. 

We plant seeds with our thoughts and we nurture them with our attention - if we think positive thoughts and nurture those thoughts with gratitude, and positive action we will produce a certain result in our life, however if we tend to nurture our thoughts of worry, regret and disappointment we will create that similar experience over and over again.  If you are wondering what seeds you have been planting and nurturing take a look at the results in your life.  

What are you growing in your garden of life?  Is it time to choose a new seed?  The seed begins with an idea, a thought, and then a vision and a goal followed by action towards that goal.  What seed can you plant today and nurture throughout the summer to ensure it's ready for harvest? 

To your success,