Are You Holding on too Tight?

I have the privilege of working with many people and one of the common things I see is what I like to call the "white knuckle effect".  We work together on creating a powerful vision for a life they would love to live and then work on becoming aligned to that vision and taking action in a very specific way to step into that life.  Very often, what I see happen is a tendancy to hold onto the vision so tightly that it  actually ends up being strangled.  It is such a fine balance - falling in love with a goal and then being open enough to allow it to happen instead of forcing it.  The energy shift can be quite subtle but is absolutely key in making your dream welcome.  

How do you know if you are white knuckling your dream and therefore keeping it at bay?  

1. You have a sense that you won't be happy until you get the thing you desire - the relationship, the job, the raise, etc....  Michael Beckwith puts it well "Nothing new can come into your life unless you're grateful for what you have."   Practicing gratitude for your life today will make your dream more welcome. Here comes the fine balance piece - you must create a genuine emotional gratitude versus being "grateful so I can get".  

2. You are 'working hard' at it.  When you think you need to know all of the steps to make your goal a reality and it feels like there is a lot of resistance, it would serve you well to loosen the grip.  Here is the balance - there will be work to do and action to take, but there should be a sense of ease and joy in taking the action so you feel as though you are rowing downstream with the current instead of upstream against it. 

Take your right hand and make a fist, hold it tighter and tighter.  Now start to loosen the grip, open your hand so it is facing the sky, palm up.  Feel the release? With an open hand you allow the energy to flow and are now able to receive inspiration, connections, abundance and the next step towards your goal will be revealed.  Now bring your 2016 goals to mind are you holding them with an open hand?  How can you loosen your grip and make it more welcome?

To your success,