Are You In Harmony With Your Authentic Self?

It doesn't matter how much money you have or how many things you have or how many opportunities you have, if you don't have peace of mind and a body temple to experience your opportunities, your life will be muted. 

Dis-ease comes from being out of harmony with your life force and when we experience enough emotional dis-ease it will appear as physical dis-ease.  The physical is a reflection of the internal.  How are you feeling?  How is your energy? Are you happy with the results you are experiencing in your life?  These are all indications if you are living in harmony with your authentic self.  

Well being and a true feeling of success comes from being in harmony with your soul's purpose.  Being true to yourself and honouring your desires and your natural gifts will result in living a fulfilled life.  So often we get up, put on our mask and enter our day as the person we think others want to experience - we are muting our unique gifts and talents.  Vulnerability and authenticity are two traits that lead to deeper relationships, new opportunities and a life well lived.  

What is your vision of a life you would love living?  What is your passion?  What are your gifts?  How can you share these with the world today?  Can you be vulnerable and start to remove the mask and reveal your authentic self and step into your greatness? 

To your success,