Are You Listening?

I was excited to get up early this morning and go for a walk. I immediately headed east to soak up the beautiful sunrise, to watch the pink and purple sky grow brighter and brighter. As I walked on enjoying the fresh morning air, listening to the birds wake up, there was a gentle tap on my shoulder that seemed to whisper 'look behind you'.  I have been training myself to listen to these whispers and gentle nudges so I stopped, looked behind me and was blown away by the most glorious "moon set".  A great big, orange ball that seemed to be held up by the trees and within moments it slipped behind them and was gone.  

Are you listening to the tap on your shoulder? The gentle nudge? The voice that is saying turn right instead of left. Ask this question. Go introduce yourself. Go for the walk.  You should call ____.... 

That voice is speaking to us every moment of everyday. It is our intuition and our own perfect internal GPS.  Intuition is that natural knowing; the still small voice, the voice for truth.  All of us have perfect intuition, but we may not be aware of it or not yet know or recognize its voice or we may even ignore its voice.  Ghandi said, "The voice of truth is as loud as our willingness to listen".  

How do you discern between your voice of truth and fear?  Your intuition is always calm and loving, it is never anxious or negative.  

How do you develop your intuition?  Get quiet, find the calm and listen.  You can invite it by posing a question in meditation or before you go to bed and then listen and stay in the listening.  Your intuition may speak to you through a nudge, a dream, a flash of inspiration, a hunch or gut feeling or through mental imagery.  The key is to build a relationship with that voice so that when it speaks you learn to listen.  

This morning it allowed me to witness nature's beauty, if I would have waited a few moments longer I would have missed the opportunity - what will your intuition reveal to you today? 

To staying in the listening,