Lessons From Nature - The Beaver Dam

beaver dam-2.png

Not far from our house, there is a meandering creek that we cross multiple times a week. This spring the beavers masterfully built a dam in this creek close to the bridge and slowly the water backed up until it eventually flooded the area.  This weekend, on our way home from getting ice-cream on a hot summer evening, we pulled over so we could look at the dam and show the kids.  It was fun to hear their opinions on whether the dam should be removed or not and if it was better to protect their work and home or the land and the various perspectives they were able to take. 


Similar to the dam on the creek slowing the flow of water, we build blocks and resistance in our own lives, which slows down or stops the flow of good in our life.  Unlike the beaver’s dam, our blocks are typically not as visible and so they can be more difficult to spot if we aren’t paying attention.  They usually start with maybe having less energy, feeling ‘off’, maybe more arguments in a relationship or surprise speeding tickets or other bills in the mail.  Eventually if we do not manage this energy or get the flow back the blocks show up as dis-ease in various areas of our life.


How to get the flow back

The good news is we can remove these blocks and have the flow return through a few simple strategies.  The first step is often just to acknowledge it, do a quick inventory of your life and notice where the blocks are, the trick here is to do this without judging yourself but just to notice them with a sense of curiosity.  The second step is to imagine the flow back in this area – what would you prefer the result to be and start getting curious about what you would rather to create and third take some sort of action towards accomplishing that. 


When it feels insurmountable

The blocks are inevitable, and the sooner we can notice them and switch our attention back to what we do want to create, the easier it is.  However, at times those blocks feel more like barricades, and at times like this it is so important to ask for help, there isn’t a barricade to big that can’t be overcome, it just may require a bit more patience, love and support, what awaits on the other side is well worth it!


Believing in You!