The Secret to Transformation This Spring

The evidence of spring and transformation is all around us, and we can always look to nature for proof and evidence that transformation always occurs. Spring always follows winter, and fall always follows summer. We know that those transitions in nature are going to occur. One of the greatest metaphors in nature when we think about transformation is with the caterpillar and the butterfly, and this is why that matters to you as you’re looking at creating transformation in your life.

You’re looking at a certain set of circumstances or conditions, and you’re ready for a new result. You want transformation. So what can we learn from the butterfly?

Your transformed state, when it’s all worked out – you’re in the new job, relationship, taking a trip that you’ve always dreamed of, let’s call that your “butterfly state”. And right now we’re in our caterpillar state.

So we have a desire for that transformation and of that life, but we’re still in that caterpillar state. Inside that caterpillar exists everything required for it to become the butterfly. But also, inside that transformational process, it can get uncomfortable.

That caterpillar basically goes into its cocoon and it gets destroyed, or all of its cells are reconstructed, so it can become that butterfly. When we’re in that process of transformation, sometimes there’s an uncomfortable position. That transition doesn’t always feel really easy and really simple, but it’s trusting that this is what it looks like while it’s all working out.

And here’s how we speed up that process to that transformed state: we must act butterfly when we’re still in our caterpillar state.

So what does that mean? Let’s imagine it’s a year from now and it’s all worked out. Everything that you desired: your relationships, the success in your career or in your business, you are living that life. How does that man or that woman get out of bed in the morning? What kind of conversations are they having? How do they feel about themselves? Chances are they’re not worried, they’re not anxious, they’re not hoping, they’re not wanting. There’s a confidence there. Maybe they’re feeling more joyful as they’re going out in their days, there’s more gratitude.

The tool right now is to start putting that on. It’s acting butterfly, even though our current conditions, what we’re looking at, is still in the caterpillar state. And as we really act butterfly, and we come from that vision, what happens is we see different opportunities. We have different ideas. We meet different people, different connections, different things happen when we are acting butterfly.

What is your butterfly state? What would that look like today? How would you show up in your day if you absolutely knew that this is what it looked like while it’s all working out?

Come from that energy. Put it on! Start acting that way, and just like in nature, we want to trust the process, and that transformation becomes inevitable.

As you’re outdoors, make sure that you’re looking for that evidence of transformation of new growth, of the new beauty, and allow that to remind you of what’s possible inside of your own life.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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