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The uncertainty we face this fall

I released a video last year that I think is just as relevant today. So many of us are heading back to the office, kids are back in school and enrolled into sports and activities, and we are again facing some anxiety and worry about different factors. I thought I would remind you of the

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Should You Have a Back Up Plan to Your Dream?

A question that came to me from one of you was “Should we have a backup to our dream or our vision?” And I love this question because how many times have we heard “What’s your backup plan? What’s plan B?”

I wanted to share what my perspective on having a backup plan is.

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Are you thinking it has to be either/or?

We tend to think in either/or. I can either have love OR independence. I can have success in my career OR a great family life. I can have money OR I can have relationship. Where in your life is there a belief that you can’t have it all? And what if you could?

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Dream Bigger!

You don’t need that. That’s unnecessary. Do you really want to do that? That’s gonna be so hard.

Has anyone ever said any of those comments to you, and because you heard those comments, you’ve played small in your life and with your dreams?

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