Change this One Word to Create a Different Result

Replace this one word

Have you ever uttered the words "I have to _____ fill in the blank - eat more vegetables, exercise more, get up earlier, be more positive, clean the house, call so-and-so back....", of course you have, we all have.  Our lists of 'to do's' can often feel long and overwhelming and we feel like there is so much that we have to do, so in the busyness of life and with all of the things there are to do, try making this small replacement to create a more generative and empowered state of mind which can create more joy in the 'doing'. 

The next time you find yourself saying "I have to, I should, I need to, I must"  replace those words with these more empowering options "I get to, I choose to, I'm deciding to".  The truth is we always have a choice and when we claim that choice with our words we choose a different state of being, which generates a different feeling tone and ultimately a different experience.  When we claim that we have to do something we are giving our power over to our circumstances so instead claim it as a choice. 

To choosing,