Change Your Money Beliefs and MAKE MORE MONEY

The results that we’re experiencing are a direct reflection of our beliefs and our awareness. If we want to experience a new result, we must look at our beliefs and install a new belief system that’s more in alignment with the wealth and abundance that we want to create. 

Our beliefs get installed in us, kind of like how you would install an operating system on your computer – but in our case it happens through a series of life events that we adopt. We adopt beliefs from our parents, education, culture, upbringing, and impactful events in our life. These have helped to shape our beliefs, and our beliefs ultimately create our result. 

I had a really powerful experience with my eldest daughter, Anna, who is an avid reader. She said to me one day, “You know mom, rich people aren’t very nice.” It completely caught me off guard! I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “In all the books that I read, and lots of the shows that I see, there’s always a rich kid and they’re never very nice.” It was fascinating to me because that’s exactly how our belief system is formed. She’s read enough and seen enough shows where there is a wealthy character who isn’t very kind to other people. If she were to continue to believe that, just imagine how that could manifest itself in life if she went on to believe that you can’t be kind AND wealthy. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to have that conversation with her that that’s not true. We talked about how there are many wealthy people that are very grateful and kind, and that’s just a really small sampling. 

So in your life, if you were to think about the stories that you were told about money, maybe it was that money doesn’t grow on trees, there’s not enough money to go around, money is hard to get, or maybe even money is evil, and even just the subtleties and nuances around money. What do you believe about money based on what you were told as a child, or what you saw in movies and books? At a subconscious level, you likely took that on to be true. 

In order to attract more abundance in our life, we want to notice these stories and beliefs we have. A really powerful exercise is to write down “What do I believe about money? What are the stories that I’m saying aloud to other people, that I’m telling other people, or I’m just telling to myself about money?” Then ask the question, “Is this true? And is this in alignment with what it is that I’m working on creating?”

If it’s no longer true for you, replace it with a new more powerful belief. In Anna’s case, her new belief would be “you can be wealthy, abundant AND be a kind and generous and grateful person.” That’s something that I will be sure to be instilling in her, because I know she’s reading in other places where that’s not the case. 

Your belief system can absolutely limit the amount of money and abundance that you’re attracting in your life. So ask the question, what are my beliefs about money? Is that true? Is that still serving me? And if not, what is the new belief? And as you do that, and it takes repetition to be installing that new belief (not something we do once and we’re done). Experiment with that and as you install these new beliefs, watch how it affects your abundance and flow of money. 

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