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If I want to change my results I have to change my thinking. We have dreams, we have visions, we have longings, we have discontents, and in order for me to live that life that I wrote down on paper, I have to change my thinking.  It’s law.

Simple, but not easy.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking. The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my thinking.

So what precedes our thinking? The thing that precedes our thinking is where you’re placing your attention. What does that mean? My attention is where my focus. Is my attention on my destination and where I’m going, or is my attention on my problems, my conditions, my circumstances, my history, the opinions of others, the needs of others? Where am I pointing my flashlight? Where has my attention been? If you want to know where your attention has been, look at your current results, because your results never lie. So if I want to know what I have been thinking about, look at your results, and your results are a perfect reflection of where your thinking has been and where your attention has been.

Has your attention been tuned to CNN, which we lovingly call “Constant Negative News?” Has my attention been on my problems, my challenges, let me tell you what’s hurting in my body, let me tell you about my problems, let me tell you about my challenges. Most of us get together with our friends and complain about our problems. You meet somebody in the elevator and start complaining about the Oilers, or the weather, and it’s a way that we’ve created connection, but not in this room.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking.

So the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking. The quality of your thinking is going to be based on where you’re placing your attention.

So here’s what many of us do, we say I want to make more money, I want more time freedom, I want the love of my life, I want to do meaningful work, and we’re saying here’s what I want. Here’s what I’m intending for. Here’s my goal. Here’s my vision. But let me tell you why I can’t get there, Stacey! Let me tell you everything that’s in the way, and let me tell you how hard it’s been.

There’s going to be lots and lots and lots of people in your life that are going to make agreement with your conditions and your circumstances. They are going to say to you, “Yeah, you’re right, now is probably not a good time.” “Yeah, you’re right, that’s really hard.” “You have every right to be angry about that.” Guess what? We’ve all bought into other people’s conditions and circumstances because we tell really good stories. We are very well rehearsed and practiced in telling stories about our conditions, and our circumstances, and our history. But guess what? If we stay there, we’re going to continue to perpetuate the same experiences over and over and over again. So when we look at these circumstances and then we ask the question “How long has it been?” the only reason it’s been that long is because of where your thinking has been, and where your attention has been.

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If you want to change your results, you have to master your mind. And when I say master your mind, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect at it. We are all one thought away from a condition-based thought.

So we notice what we’re noticing. This is why this tool is a master tool, we’re noticing what we’re noticing. To notice where’s my attention? What’s my conversation I’m in? What am I thinking about? I’m tuned to problem again. I’m tuned to worry again. I’m wondering if I’m really capable of this. One of you bravely stood up yesterday and said I live in self-doubt 80% of the time.

So go ahead right now and look around the room. Take 10 seconds, and I just want you to notice all the pink in the room. Go ahead and notice everything pink for 10 seconds.

Close your eyes, and think about everything green you saw.

Now open your eyes, look around the room, and notice you see more green now than you did the first time.

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We have something in our brain called a reticular activating system. Your reticular activating system is responsible for controlling your consciousness; in other words, it shows you what you’re interested in and it filters out what you’re not interested in. If I’m really interested in seeing pink, I’ll start to see pink. If you’ve ever bought a new car, you probably notice that all of a sudden you’re seeing that make and model or colour of car everywhere!  Jeff and I did concrete work at our home a number of years ago, and that summer I saw so many concrete trucks on the highway everywhere. I was convinced that  everyone was doing concrete that year based on all the pump trucks I was seeing! However, I’m sure there is still the same amount of pump trucks out there but I haven’t really noticed a concrete pump truck in years. I was highly interested in concrete that year – my reticular activating system was tuned to concrete. It was showing me what I was interested in.

Why is this important to you? Most of us are highly interested in problems. Most of us are highly interested in “What if I fail?” “What could go wrong?” “What’s in the way?” And we keep seeing evidence of why I don’t deserve this, and why it’s going to be hard, and why it’s going to take a long time.

This is important because the more interested I get in my vision, “I am so happy and grateful now that I’m creating and living this life, and my health and my relationships and my career and my time and money freedom…” The more interested I am in my vision, what do you start to see? Opportunities, ideas, resources. You sit down to the right and perfect person. Somebody calls you out of the blue. I just love getting the phone calls, texts, and emails saying “Stacey, you wouldn’t believe what happened today!” And I go “Yes I will!” It gives me so much joy.

So we tune our reticular activating system to opportunities, to our vision – and new ideas, new people and new resources start to reveal themselves.

To have a new result you must change your thinking. 

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