How are you REALLY doing? An honest check in

Let me ask you a question, how are you doing?

How are you really doing?

We are nine months into this global pandemic and I know it has impacted every single person differently. Has this become your new normal? Maybe you haven’t checked in for a while, or given yourself permission to really ask, how am I doing? Am I thriving? Am I struggling? Have I been struggling with some depression or some anxiety?

I was recently gifted this wonderful book that I think applies so much to our lives right now. It’s called The Choice, a memoir by Dr Edith Eva Eger. Dr Edith is a holocaust survivor, and I don’t even think any of us can imagine the atrocities that she witnessed inside of her life. She was taken to a concentration camp when she was just 16 years old and spent over a year inside just this awful, awful place where she lost her parents and most of her family, obviously having lifelong impacts on her.

She writes this memoir to not to compare our circumstances, and not to compare what you face in your lifetime or what I face in my lifetime, but to really look at ourselves and ask the question, where are we holding ourselves, and where are we prisoners inside our own minds? She has gone on to become a world renowned psychologist and speaker, and teaches on the power of resiliency and how to overcome anything that we’ve really created, where we are prisoners in our own mind.

If it’s a holocaust, if it’s a pandemic, if it’s the loss of a parent or the loss of a relationship, no matter where you are, it’s not to compare tragedies or circumstances, but to know that as long as we’re hanging on to anger, to guilt, to resentment, we really are holding ourselves prisoners in our own mind.

As long as we’re holding ourselves prisoners, we are not free to fully live our lives.

She offers so many incredible tools and stories not only of her own life, but of clients that she has helped to really free themselves from from that internal prison.

This book is so appropriately called The Choice, and I love that title because that’s ultimately what it comes down to.

None of us created this global pandemic. Nobody creates tragedy in their life. What we do create is our attitude. What we do have a choice about is what we’re doing with our mindset. What we’re doing with our mental activity. And that’s ultimately our choice.

We can choose to be prisoners, or we can choose to set ourselves free.

What choice are you going to make today? What choice will you make to free yourself from any mental prison that you’ve been holding yourself hostage in?

If you’ve read Man’s Search for Meaning, another powerful book by Dr Viktor Frankl, they really talk about the power of choice and the power of giving meaning to circumstances. The difference between people who live thriving lives and overcome those tragedies, is what they’ve done with their mindset. In addition, they focus on their vision, their goals, where are they going, and what would they love to create.

That ultimately can differentiate you living as a prisoner in your own mind, or being free to live a life that you love.

So how are you doing? And what choice are you making today? Choosing the right attitude and mindset is ultimately the first step in setting yourself free.

To you living a life you love,


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