Create a Morning Routine to Change the Trajectory of Your Day

How are you starting your days? Most of us wake up and the first thing we think about is our to-do list, or we look at our phones, or we are rushing to where we need to go. Today I wanted to share my morning practice with you, hopefully to inspire you to start your days with more intention

I’m a morning person. I’ve always been a morning person, and with three kids at home, our days start pretty early. So because of that, my mornings usually start with my alarm going off between 5:00 and 5:15 and I wake up and I come into my meditation room (you don’t need a meditation room, you can do this anyplace in your house! Whether it’s a corner in your closet, a spot in your bedroom, in a favourite chair. Don’t let the location stop you, the most important thing is the practice!). So here is where my morning practice begins and let’s go through it! 

  1. I usually do a 10 to 15 meditation, either a guided meditation or just sitting in silence, focusing on my breath, or a sound or a mantra. 

  2. The key in my morning is my journaling practice. I’ll do a little bit of journaling to get myself in the mindset of my vision, usually on one specific area that I am focused on. 

  3. After that I write down my gratitude. Usually it’s five to ten things that I’m grateful for that morning. And they’re not always new! Many times there’s repeats on that list, but it’s important to get into that emotion and that feeling of gratitude, which is such a powerful energy. 

  4. The next question that I ask myself is, “who am I being today?” and so as I’m imagining myself in my vision, and my energy is really in a place of gratitude, it’s “How am i showing up today? Who do I want to be?” Is it focused, is it fun, is it inspired, is it confident…? Choose one or two or three qualities that you really want to take into your day that day. 

  5. Finally, the last step in that process is “What’s one action I can take today in service of my vision?” As I’m in that really positive mindset, thinking from my vision, lifted up because I’ve been thinking about gratitude from that energy, I ask myself “what’s the step I can take today?”, and I’ll write down that action step and serve it throughout that day. 

So who are you being today? Are you setting yourself up for success instead of waking up, going on autopilot, and letting your days run you? 

It’s important to say that I’m not perfect at this! However, I certainly notice if I go a day or two or three without doing that morning practice. I can notice throughout my day that I’m not quite as patient, or not quite as focused as I’d like to be. I know that it has had a huge impact in my life. 

I would encourage you to experiment with it. Apply it in your life starting this week, and if you can, do a 30-day experiment of waking up every morning and starting your day with intention, and watch what happens. 

To You Living a Life You Love,


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