Did you see that - it's growing!

Last weekend we planted our new vegetable garden.  The seed packages were sorted, the rows measured the seeds planted and watered and then last night when the kids and I went out to water the garden there it was - the first evidence of vegetables in the form of teeny, tiny green leaves peering out of the soil which were only visible because we were really looking for them.  We all pointed and got excited about the signs of life coming out of the ground.  

Can you relate to that feeling of seeing something new come to life?  

Have you ever noticed how much more effort is required in getting a seed started in its new life and how much easier it gets once the momentum starts to build?    Where am I going with this?  Let's look at the parallels when we are building a dream.  In the beginning it's so important to choose carefully what seeds you are planting in terms of your thoughts and visions and those new ideas and then it requires a lot of nurturing, planning, thinking and sifting and sorting and after some time there is a momentum that can start to build and it becomes easier and easier.   One of the keys is to be gentle with ourselves in the early phases of dream building.  

It can be so exciting to see a child first learn to ride a bike - even when they do it wobbly, and we want toddlers to re-cite their ABC's over and over for anyone who will listen - even when the mix up the letters or forget 1, 2 or even half of them.  Why not have that same patience and excitement with ourselves as we are learning new skills and building new dreams.  I so often hear people complain that they are not progressing fast enough, or that they really wish they would have made more advancement when meanwhile they are missing the progress and the results that they have experienced.  Without that tiny little sprout in our garden we will never dine on fresh vegetables, starting out wobbly on the bike is a necessary step to being an expert rider, just like without the first progress you will never manifest your full vision.  My encouragement to you is that you look closely for the sprouts and when you see them celebrate them as a sign and signal that you are on your way.  

To Celebrating the Sprouts,