Do You Feel Defined By Your Title?

Almost four years ago a career I was in for over a decade came to an end. While I was ready for the change, it felt a bit like an identity crisis. For so many years, I had associated who I was with my job title. Do you have a career or a job that you feel is defining who you are? Maybe you're feeling stuck in a career because it's all you've known? Are you noticing that you aren't waking up with the same desire to go to work as you once had? Watch this week's video for some questions to ask to get clear on who you really are outside of that job title as a way to start considering other possibilities.

You are so much more than that one part of you and just like when we were kids and could imagine being anything we wanted, it's important as an adult to wake up your imagination and try on different possibilities. Change first begins with an idea so give yourself permission to dream. 

Here's to Your Success,