Do you follow your gut?

Our intuition is a really powerful tool that has really not been something that we’ve been taught or trained to use. We’ve been very much taught to rely on our 5 physical senses, to live in the land of logic. When we’re kids, it’s one of the first things we learn. Where’s your eyes, where’s your ears, where’s your nose, where’s your mouth? We get those 5 physical senses, and of course those are very important as we navigate our world. 

But we have six powerful mental faculties that are invisible, and they’re not quite as tangible. Because of that, we typically don’t use them as much or think about them. But when we learn to harness those mental faculties, it can really help us take these quantum leaps inside our lives, and take those fast. 

Today, we’ll focus on one of those mental faculties, which is our intuition. Your gut feeling. I like to call it our internal GPS system that is always available to us. I’m sure you can think of times where you have not listened to that little voice, that nudge, that gut feeling, only later to have said, “Oh, I knew better, I had a feeling about that.” That’s our intuition! That’s our gut feeling. 

So how do you harness that intuition so you can rely on it more and more and more?

Thomas Edison used to call it entering the land of solution, where he would pose a question, he would ask a question to that infinite mind or intuition, and he would sit in a rocking chair and he would rock back and forth with a rock in his hand over top of a tin bucket (the idea was really to get into more of a meditative state, and he held the rock over the bucket to wake him up if he fell asleep) and any idea that came to him, he would write down. He knew that we can’t have a question that doesn’t have an answer. 

Think about that for a second. There’s no question that you could ask that doesn’t have an answer. There’s no problem that we could have that doesn’t have a solution. Most of us though, we rely again on that land of logic, weighing the pros and cons, and thinking about it to try and solve that problem.

One of the ways to harness your intuition, or to start to rely on your gut feeling, is to know that it will speak to you in a way that you understand. Sometimes it’s through imagery, sometimes it’s through an idea, it can be that gut feeling, maybe in a dream, it can show up on something you hear on the radio, you’ll drive past a billboard and you’ll see something a little bit differently. Those messages are always there and always available to us, it’s our willingness to listen. 

Another way to harness your intuition is to start asking questions. What’s a step I can take towards my vision? Before you go to sleep tonight, pose a question when you’re looking for an idea, or want to solve a problem. The more that you ask those questions, listen and pay attention for the answers. Stay open and curious to the answers showing up for you. 

There was many, many times where I was sitting around a boardroom table with individuals who were much older than I was, who I would consider much wiser and had way more experience than I did. Oftentimes, sitting at those boardroom tables, I would have an idea land, and I would quickly dismiss it. I would say to myself “Well if that was a good idea, surely one of them would have thought about it.” and I never mentioned my idea. Looking back on it, I can see that that was my intuition speaking to me. Now, as I’ve learned to listen to that voice more and more, it’s been a powerful guidance system in my life. 

If up until now you’ve been trained to ignore it, and you’ve lived more in that land of the logic, thinking and contemplating about things, weighing your pros and cons list, and you want to really harness that power that you have within you, start with the little questions. Should I bring that umbrella today? Should I pack the extra sweater? 

When you have the idea and the logical mind wants to quickly dismiss it, start paying attention and follow those little nudges. As you follow those little nudges, that little voice will become louder and louder because you’re becoming more willing to listen to it.

Our intuition is just one of six mental faculties. If you would love to learn how to harness all six of those and explore those, I have a powerful video series that unpacks each one of those faculties and shows you how you can apply it into your life to take a quantum leap. Click here to learn more about that video series so you can really harness those mental faculties, and watch what happens inside your life. 

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