Do You Love Yourself?

After a break-up in my early 20's I remember the process of rediscovering who I was and my quest for self-love and how that process has shaped me into who I am today. I believe that self-love is something we live into every single day. I invited a very special guest in this week's video to talk about the important topic of self-love. Delain, from Lady Luck Studios, is a talented boudoir photographer - she shares with us what she hears most often from women about their self image, and we both share tips on how to improve your self image and how to shift from negative to positive self-talk.

Delain has launched a beautiful project in February called 30 Days of Self Love which you can find on her website, I encourage you to check it out and celebrate the women who said yes to themselves, let them inspire you into greater self-acceptance and love.

Here's to Your Success,