Dream Bigger!

You don’t need that. That’s unnecessary. Do you really want to do that? That’s gonna be so hard.

Has anyone ever said any of those comments to you, and because you heard those comments, you’ve played small in your life and with your dreams?

Let me give you an example of this in my life. Jeff and I had a desire to move to an acreage and to raise our family on an acreage. We were dreaming up our dream home, and we love to work out, so we wanted a nice exercise room, and Jeff wanted a music room where he could play music, and we wanted a place for our family to play and to roam. We dreamt this up, and we felt on fire and excited about the possibility of building our dream home. We had somebody recommend an architect to us, and set up our first meeting. We said, here’s what we’re thinking. We had our little napkin drawing, and she looked at that and she said, “I don’t know why anybody would ever want a house that big.”

In that moment, two things could have happened. There could have been a collapse back where we went, “oh yeah, you’re right, that’s not necessary. Maybe we should shrink it to be more practical.” And I’ve certainly taken that approach sometimes in my life, where I’ve shrunk my dreams because I thought it wasn’t practical, it wasn’t realistic, because of what somebody else has said to me.

The other option in that moment was to lean in and say, “WE want a house this big, and here is what we would love in our home.” And that’s exactly what we did. I’m so grateful that we didn’t play small on our dreams because of somebody else’s opinions.

We went a little bit further down the process with this woman, and eventually realized, this wasn’t the person we wanted building and designing our dream home, who is essentially trying to alter our dream.

So we decided to hire somebody new and let me tell you, what a difference that made. This new person that we were working with said, “how big do you want your walk in closet?” and “would you love this in your home, and would you love that in your home?” and they had this expansive view of what was possible for us.

Think about your dream and goals right now. Are you in conversations about how could it be even bigger, and even better? How could even be more fulfilling?

OR, have you gotten into the pattern of “where do I need to dial back? Where do I need to play smaller, or maybe shrink my dream because I don’t know how, or because what it might cost, or what that looks like.” This is a great opportunity to really check in and ask yourself, are you playing too small?

And instead, replace that with the question, What would you love? If you truly believed that anything was possible. What lights you up? How would you design your home, your career, your health, your relationships?

Really lean in an find people who help you to think bigger, more expansive, and to really believe that whatever you dream is absolutely possible.

Next week, I am very excited to be offering a Masterclass on designing your dream, how to dream bigger, how to think bigger for yourself. Register for that if right now you want to lean in to what’s possible for you and for your life.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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