Fake It Til You Make It Doesn’t Work

Today, I would love to do a reframe today on the old saying “fake it until you make it.”

What I teach is to come from your vision. So, what does that mean? As you start to create your vision, by asking the question “What would I love?” and picturing that it is 3 years from now and it’s all worked out. This is magic wand thinking. If time, money, gender, education, age wasn’t an issue – ask yourself what would you really love in your life – in your health, your relationships, your career, your time and money freedom. 

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As you create that crystal clear blueprint of what you want, start imagining how it will feel when it’s all worked out. Imagine you’re waking up next to the partner, you’re going on trips, you’re driving your dream car, having the success in your business or career. If you think about a time when it’s all worked out, that person in your vision wakes up a certain way. They think certain thoughts, they read certain books, they’re in different types of conversations. 

How we create results is we start putting that on. 

Start waking up now as that person who has it all figured out, who’s living that life. They probably aren’t worried, anxious, or overwhelmed. They might be living in more gratitude, have a little bit more pep in their step, they’re not hitting that snooze button. 

So as you start to come from that vision, you’re being the person that’s living in your vision. 

Here’s the difference between what I just described and fake it till you make it: the fake it til you make it often triggers what’s called impostor syndrome.It’s more of a push energy, where you’re going into situations and not feeling like you should be there, not feeling really sure of yourself. What it can happen if we’re faking it till we make it, is we put on a shell, or mask, and we’re being something that doesn’t feel authentic. 

As long as we’re not feeling authentic and genuine, we are creating resistance to attract the things we really want in our life. 

So fake it till you make it has more of a resistance energy, versus being the person in your vision, or living from your vision. How does that man or woman wake up in the morning? How do they go to work, or interact with your family? And when you start putting it on, you’ll feel better. 

So instead of feeling imposter syndrome, you’ll start to feel more confident, more eager, more vibrant – and when you’re in that state of being and feeling, you will attract to you different ideas, different opportunities, different resources. You’ll start to see things that other people wouldn’t see because they’re not coming from that energy. 

The next time you’re walking into that networking meeting, that job interview, imagine it’s all worked out. How would the person from my vision show up here?

Here’s to you living a life you love,


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