Decision Making – Dealing with the fear

Make the decision that can change your life. What’s stopping you from taking the next step?

Today, my best friend and husband Jeff joins me to speak about a compelling principle around decision making. And how he stepped out of his comfort zone, made a simple decision that opened up new opportunities and helped him grow.

A couple of years ago, I was preparing to film videos and I had an idea. I was going to film a video using a guitar tuner in the video. Jeff plays guitar, loves music, is passionate about music, and it has always been a big big part of his life. So as I prepare for this video, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Jeff had the opportunity to play music on the video, and play guitar and have that experience? It would be great for the video, it’ll be great for him!”

We were filming on Wednesday, and on Monday night, I said to Jeff “I have an idea.” his response was “Absolutely not.” And I remember so clearly, the response was “I’m not ready.” Jeff has been playing guitar for a long time, but it was really in the basement of his music room on his own.

Can you relate to that? You’ve been invited into an opportunity, and then fear and doubt arise.

Jeff says, “I felt it was such a huge ask with a short amount of time to wrap my head around it. But then I was taking a first step of even asking myself, ‘Okay, how can I get there?’ It was too overwhelming to think to go from where I am here to actually doing it, so I broke it down into one step at a time.”

In the end, Jeff said yes, which was a choice. And we also have the option to say no.

When I asked Jeff where you stands today, looking back, what would he have missed out on if he would have said no? Jeff responded, “it’s hard to even think about that because of how much I’ve experienced since then. I’ve met a lot of people, and I can’t believe how much I’ve pushed and grown in such a short amount of time, just by saying yes. It’s amazing how so much growth happens in such a short period of time!”

So if you’re the person who’s sitting on the fence right now, maybe you have an opportunity in front of you. Get rid of that self-doubt and stop telling yourself, “I’m not ready. I’ve got to go get this degree, I have to get the certification, I need more experience, I need more time,” here is Jeff’s advice for you. “Make the decision and start with a tiny step. And just keep taking the little steps, because it’s the momentum that will carry you along.”

He adds, “The big piece for me was being vulnerable. Putting myself out there to be judged by whatever skill level I was at, and overcoming that was such a big step of the process. And on the other side of that vulnerability was opportunities.”

It all started with making the decision to say yes. If you’re sitting on the fence with something, and you’re feeling that feeling of “I’m not ready,” I think it’s so important to know that we never really feel ready. And with every one of those yeses, there’s that fear that rises up, and it can grip your whole body and feels very real. And that fear of being vulnerable, and “What if I fail? What if people ridicule me?” That dialogue is very, very normal.

What Jeff said today is make the decision, and what’s a step you can take? Is it mocking up the business card? Is it calling that publisher? Is it making that sales phone call? Is it looking into that university class? There’s a step you absolutely can take, and when you take that step, that’s when the doors start to open.

I have so enjoyed watching Jeff’s journey and he continues to inspire me to leave my comfort zone and to grow, so thank you to Jeff for sharing that with us.

Comment below with what you took out of Jeff’s story, and about maybe where you’re at right now.

Here is to you living a life that you love,


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