What To Do When Fear Rises Up

Today I want to talk about fear, and to give you some tools when fear rises up. This is important as we’re navigating any circumstance, and I would say even more relevant right now as we’re inside this unprecedented time on the planet today.

To start, recognize that your emotions aren’t bad. Sometimes when we’re in the personal development world, and we know how important positive thinking is, we can tend to beat ourselves up when we think thoughts that aren’t positive or in alignment with our vision. So to know that emotions aren’t bad, they’re simply feedback to letting us know what we’ve been thinking about, and where our attention has been. The moment you make your emotion bad, what happens is we tend to create the spiral downwards, and it creates guilt or self-criticism which isn’t serving you. You want to be able to recognize and notice them. Ask, “Is this emotion serving me? Is it expansive or is it contractive?” If it is contractive, that’s when we want to use our tools to help us shift our energy so that we can get more in that expansive thinking.

So when fear rises up, here’s some things that you can do to stare that fear in the face:

  1. The first thing you can ask yourself is, “Is this happening right now?” We tend to catastrophize it, play the what-if game, think about all the different scenarios that could happen, and if we’re not careful, our imaginations will take us to all sorts of dark places. So really causing yourself to pause and “Is this happening now?”

  2. “Do I want it to happen?” Is this situation something you would like to happen or not? Is it your preference?

  3. “Is there anything I can do right now to make it less likely to happen?” What are you in control of? Examples right now are washing your hands, socially distancing yourself, getting a good sleep. What are some things that you could be doing to make it less likely to happen? We want to make sure we’re taking that action.

  4. If this isn’t something that you want to happen, then you want to declare to yourself, “I refuse to give my emotional energy to what I don’t want. And instead I’m pouring my energy and my attention on the things that I would love and the things that I do want to create.” What you’re doing there is you’re very intentionally staring the fear down.

In summary, you’re asking, “Is this true? Is this happening now?” And if it’s not, then you have the authority to decide “Where do I want to place my attention?” So you’re taking your attention off of the fear, worries, doubts and what-ifs, and instead pouring attention and intention on what you would love, what do you want to create here, and what are some actions that you can be taking towards this? As you do that more intentionally and deliberately, what you’ll find is you’ll worry less. That fear won’t have as big a hold on you. What happens is, we start having the fear instead of the fear having us.

Eleanor Roosevelt has one of my favorite quotes: “All the water in the world cannot drown me unless it gets inside of me.” All the water in the world – all the fear, all the anxiety, all of the chaos that’s going on around you, it can’t impact you unless you let it in. Work with these tools and apply them to make sure you’re protecting yourself from letting that fear in. And instead, pour energy more on what you would love to create! What do you want to happen? That’s how you can create opportunities and hope in a time that maybe otherwise would have felt hopeless.

Living a life you love really starts with knowing that you are greater than any circumstance or any situation. Ultimately that’s what these tools are here to show you!

Know that that power that’s breathing you is greater than any fear that you’re facing right now.

Here is to you living a life you love,


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