How to FINISH WHAT YOU START and move to the next project – end of year advice

The year is starting to wrap up, and oftentimes, this is where we’re reflecting. How did the year go? What are we planning for the next year?

I want to talk about endings today. Many of us have not been trained to do endings well. We’re constantly moving on to the next thing, we’re already thinking further ahead, and we don’t bring to completion what we’ve accomplished or where we’re at now.

Over the next couple of weeks I have a special Masterclass happening called Wrap Up and Launch, and what we’re going to be doing in these two weeks is being very, very intentional about:

  • Wrapping up 2021 – Reflecting on the wins, the lessons, the failures, ultimately wrapping the year up in a ceremonial and intentional way.

  • Launching into 2022 with intention, purpose, vision, and setting ourselves up for success.

What if you could love where you're coming from while you're growing into the next thing?

If that sounds like something you would benefit from, make sure that you sign up for the free two part masterclass that’s starting next week.

Last week, I took a group of heart-centered entrepreneurs to Jasper Park Lodge in the beautiful rocky mountains, and we took the time to reflect on the year and also plan the calendar for 2022, work on visions and goals and strategies and setting ourselves up for success. Doing endings well is a really powerful skill set that can be learned.

As you’re moving towards your goals, creating visions, and experiencing new results, there’s going to be endings that occur. Endings of relationships, endings of jobs, endings of patterns or habits. What can happen as we’re ready to transition into something new, there’s a part of us that feels like we have to justify why we’re doing that. In that justification, what we can do is we make where we’re coming from wrong. We point blame and we list all the things that were wrong with what we’re leaving. Everything that was wrong with that relationship. Everything we didn’t like about that job or that career.

We can get into this place where we really start to build some negative energy about what we’re leaving behind in order to make us feel better about going into the next thing.

Today’s topic on YouTube

What I’m going to invite you into today is to recognize that your growth doesn’t have to happen because something’s wrong or bad. To be able to look at the experience, the education, the relationship, the job that you’re currently in, or that you’re leaving behind, as a beautiful stepping stone that’s taking you into the next thing.

What if you could love where you’re coming from while you’re growing into the next thing?

As you do that, what you’ll find is that those transition periods feel better. They’re more alive making. We don’t get caught up in all of that negativity, because when we get caught up in that negativity we tend to bring that energy into the next thing.

The other place this awareness can be really helpful is when you have people in your life who are the ones that are having that ending with you.

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Maybe they’re leaving your place of employment, or they’re a co-worker who is moving on, and you notice that they start to get negative. They start to make you or that place of work wrong, and I think it can help us be more compassionate. To say, you know what? Some people just don’t do endings well, and they tend to create chaos or unhappiness where they are in order to make themselves feel better about moving on to the next thing.

By having that awareness, helps us to have compassion for the people in our lives.

Are you somebody that does endings well? Do you have an opportunity to improve in that way as we bring 2021 into an ending?

Let’s do this ending well. Let’s wrap it up intentionally. Let’s put a bow on it so that you’re ready to bring your best self as you launch into 2022. Join me for this free masterclass, it is going to be fun, it’s going to be powerful, and it will really set you up for success going into 2022.

Here is to you living a life you love!


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