From a Dream to Reality: How She Did It

Today I am joined by Mia Whitfield. Mia shared with us one of the key mindset tools that she’s learned and used to really help take her vision and turn it into her reality. If you watch the video, you’ll see that we filmed the video Mia’s studio, a dream realized!

When Mia started, she was a professional singer and vocal coach who was teaching out of her home. At first she started in the den, and then moved to the basement. When she started to work with Stacey, she had two students, which very quickly grew to 11 and then 15. Now she is in her studio, which is no longer 40 square feet but 1500 square feet, with a beautiful big stage. It is one of the most wonderful things about my work is to step into actual dreams realized.

Today we’re going to talk a bit about how Mia made it happen.

The same thinking that created our current results is not what's going to take us into the vision.

When Mia was dreaming this vision up, she had vision boards, she had it written out, she had what we call “scaffolding images” (images of what success looks like along the way, as the vision is coming to fruition), now it’s real. Without any of that, we wouldn’t have been standing in her studio together filming and having this conversation! I celebrate Mia in her dream realized.

Inside my coaching program, we cover a lot of tools in our work together. There’s usually one or two that people really hang onto and adopt as they transform their results. I asked Mia,”What would you say has been one of the most powerful tools for you, going from vision into dream realized?” She answered, “Definitely ‘recognize, replace, and re-pattern.‘”

She goes onto explain about what that means for her: “Recognizing the thought that first enters your mind, which up until now, has not really been kind. And then re-patterning it, and replacing it with something that is more in alignment with my vision and with the person that I would love to be.”

This is the whole idea of noticing what you’re noticing. To pay attention to your thoughts that you’re having, and then to ask yourself, are my thoughts expansive, or are they contractive? Are they kind or unkind? Are they moving me towards my vision or away from my vision? So to start everything with having that initial recognition, to be able to notice what you’re noticing.

Mia said, “I would say the first year of being in a structure of support with you Stacey, I would notice it, but a lot of it really came to fruition for me in the second year, where the awareness was just doubled and tripled in the second year.”

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However, once we notice the thoughts, it’s not enough to just notice them.

Most of us don’t even realize we can be aware of our thoughts, and then go on to choose our thoughts. It really is lifelong work. The more you’re doing it, the more aware you become, and the quicker you can replace and re-pattern your thoughts, and therefore your results.

Once we recognize the thoughts, we can ask, is this thought in service of my vision or not? And if it’s not, to ask, what’s the replacement thought? What’s a more empowering thought? What would the version of me in my vision replace that with? You can change your thought to a more empowering thought, which in turn re-patterns the thinking to be more in alignment with where we want to go. Because the same thinking that created our current results is not what’s going to take us into the vision.

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Something else that I want to acknowledge Mia for is taking action.

Mia went from “I have this idea of what I would love, but I have no idea how I’m gonna get there.”

When we hit that moment where we don’t know the “how”, it’s remembering to do what you can with what you have from where you are. What’s the one step I can take?

I have watched Mia take action, both in giant leaps and baby steps again, and again, and again, and they led her right into this studio, and will continue to lead her into what’s next for her.

So take this idea of notice what you’re noticing, recognizing the thoughts you’re thinking today, and really make a decision. Is this serving my vision or not?

Know that you are empowered to shift that thinking, which will shift your results.

Thank you to Mia who hosted us in her studio, and for modelling what’s possible!

Here is to you living a life you love,


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