Have you had some fun today?

In my first ever job evaluation one of the pieces of feedback I received had a significant impact on my life.  My boss told me that he had never known me to be grumpy or to have a really bad day but that I always looked grumpy.  That stung a little bit but I was open to hear his simple, yet powerful, advice "smile more".  I took his words to heart and started smiling more.  

It sounds a little bit silly but it's incredible how a simple smile can change our state of mind as well as the way the world sees us.  Go ahead, try it right now, just smile - for no you feel better than you did a moment ago?  

If we crank up the smile a bit and look at play, play comes to us so naturally as kids and then if we are not careful we can turn into b-o-r-i-n-g adults.  The interesting thing is that most of us want greater abundance in our lives in the form of better health, deeper relationships and financial freedom and have not made the connection between this abundance and fun.  

Fun is easy, it flows, it puts us in a relaxed state and this is where we need to be to allow the flow of abundance into our lives.  

Smiling, fun and playfulness are choices - how can you incorporate some fun in your day today?  Could you skip instead of walk.  Try laughing yoga, dance in your living room, learn a new knock-knock joke and call someone just to tell the joke to.  Jump in a leaf pile, spin really fast in a circle, make funny faces in the mirror.  When was the last time you had a great belly laugh?  
Start with a smile. 

To many fun-filled days,