Lessons from Reaching an Impossible Dream

I am honoured to work with Gary Benoit who has accomplished some amazing things recently. Gary began with a story and a vision. “I’ve been a police officer for almost twenty one years and during that time we had our own personal struggles and additional stress. I had gone through a critical incident at work while we had a new child, and although no one at work would have ever known this, our personal lives at home really struggled in that moment. We started to make some changes, and got into this Mastering Your Mindset work, where we focused on our thought process. Our lives really transformed. The stress came down, and then we realized that if I was going through this, without any of my colleagues knowing about it, so are other people, and I have no idea. That was the longing. And we can help them. It’s not only policemen, it’s all first responders: fire, EMS, paramedics, dispatchers, corrections, and even doctors and nurses that work in the ER. They all have the same kind of stress and destruction in their daily life because they see people at their worst. We want to give them some tools to help them reduce that stress.” Gary and his wife Colette founded Benoit Consulting where they have gone on to host events (including a large gala), coaching, community and resources to support first responders.

Gary admits that if I told him one year ago that he would go on to accomplish all of these things, he says “I would probably have said that’s not going to happen, you’re crazy.” To him, all of this seemed impossible.

When I asked Gary what major takeaways stood out for him during our coaching together, here are his top tools that he really utilized for his own transformation:

  1. “‘Notice what you’re noticing’ was the big piece for me. When I go to work as a police officer, I have instincts. I have become very, very good at it over 20 years. Now I wanted to take that ability and apply it to my life.” Notice what you’re noticing is one of our top tools. It’s when we realize that it’s our thoughts that are creating our reality, and therefore it’s ultimately our thoughts that create these patterns in our life that are becoming our results. As we start to increase the awareness that we can impact our thoughts, we can then change our thoughts, and we can direct those thoughts to create a new reality. Gary says “I’m having these thoughts anyway in my head. Now to focus that attention to those thoughts and really use that to transform my life and to transform what I’m doing.”

    We’re all thinking thoughts – we can’t stop thinking. So why not become more intentional about what those thoughts are? Gary gives an example of when he noticed what he was noticing, and shifted his thoughts to match his vision: “When we were working on our gala event, there was a lot of times where I had different thoughts and worries. In the moments when I would think, ‘Who are you to do this? Who do you think you are?’ I could change my thoughts and say ‘I AM worthy of this and we are doing this for a reason’ and changed that whole perspective in my mind.”

  2. The work is simple, but not easy. It’s such a simple concept. Your thoughts create your reality, and notice what you’re noticing. It sounds so simple, and it is simple, but it’s not easy. We have this programming and patterns of thinking that are repetitive and ingrained in us. It’s natural to fall back to those patterns so it’s our work to do to change these patterns to be more aligned with our vision instead of our circumstances.

  3. Step outside your comfort zone. I remember my first conversation with Gary, and I remember him saying “But Stacey, this is the way it is. The only way out is retirement.” There are people that look at their conditions and say “Yeah, easy for you to say, but I’m stuck in this job. I’m stuck in this relationship. I can’t do it because…” Gary was willing to step outside of that comfort zone, and engage in a structure of support, and start to ask “What if I could?”

  4. Gary’s final thoughts on being in a structure of support and how coaching has affected his accomplishments: “It’s been instrumental. It’s so key to changing your mind and the way you see things. And to do that you need someone to support you. You need to have someone there to keep you on track. There’s lots of days that you are not on track. I’ve had questions like ‘how do I do this?’ Like, ‘what can I do, Stacey, to change this?’ And if I don’t have someone to ask that question to, who’s more of an expert than I am, then I’m lost and not going anywhere.”

    I am so proud of everything that Gary’s accomplished up until now. For him, for his family, what this means for really generations to come, and for the impact that they are having on those first responders lives. I am excited for what’s to come!

    If any of what Gary has said above resonates with you and you’ve got that dream in your heart, if you’re ready, but there’s that part that says “I don’t know if I can, it feels impossible” and you would love to have that structure of support around you, please book yourself an appointment and let’s have a conversation about what that could look like.

    To you living your best life, living a life that you love,


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