How to Manage the Messiness of Life


Yesterday I walked into a mess.  A great big mess.  It started in the hallway with white footprints leading to the kitchen.  I prepared myself for it not knowing what to expect but knowing it would be a mess.  It was way worse than I could have imagined.  My four and two year old, left alone upstairs, decided to try their hand at baking.  They got into the spice drawer, the baking drawer, raisins, oatmeal, cereal you name it they found it, they emptied it, they smeared it, they spread it and here it was laid out in front of me....

Life can be messy.  Things don't always go as we planned or as we would even like.  Tragedies hit, diagnosis' occur, layoffs happen - it is all a part of our human journey.  In that messiness we have a choice to make.  Just like I had a choice to make in my kitchen yesterday.  Am I trying to compare a messy kitchen to life's tragedies - not at all, but it's in these moments that life is here to teach us.  

It took four hours to clean up this particular mess (imagine flour and water mixed to make glue on the floor).  The end result, a cleaner kitchen, some pictures that will serve as memories for years, some kids that feel badly and, although I know they will make new messes, hopefully they will never make that one again.  

What in your life is feeling messy in this moment?  Without judgement bring it to mind right now.  Is there a different perspective you could take?  What good could possibly come out of the situation?  What would the ideal outcome be? What would you love?  As you shift your attention to a possible solution notice your energy start to change and as your energy changes around the situation you will feel better.  When you feel better you will act differently and when you act differently your results will change.  It all starts with how you are thinking about the situation - this is the key.  

"You will never do great things in the external world until you think great things in the internal world." Wallace Wattles

So, what choice did I make walking into that mess yesterday?  I got upset and then I took a deep breath, laughed to myself a bit and then enlisted some help to clean it up.

Take a breath, ask for help and take some action.   

To living a life you love,