If happiness is a choice, why do we feel unhappy?

Are you happy? Happiness is a choice and I think we all understand at some level that happiness comes from within. So if we know that happiness is a choice and it comes from within, why are so many people choosing to be unhappy? Perhaps right now you’re not happy in your life or in the results you’re experiencing.

Do you ever hear yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…”? Maybe when you get the raise, when you get the promotion, when you find the relationship, when you have the money in the bank. What happens with that statement is we putting our happiness outside of us. We’re putting it on a condition or a circumstance that needs to happen in order for us to be happy. So start paying attention and noticing when you’re saying and thinking “I’ll be happier when”.

Happiness truly does come from within. How can we tap into that? In 2003, I spent some time in Malaysia and took a small riverboat up to what they call longhouses, where these communities live together in these great big long homes. And during my stay there, it was just so evident that these beautiful people, they had very little from a material sense, but the joy and the happiness and the excitement for life was so evident. And it brought home to me this knowing that happiness is a choice. And happiness is something that comes from within. You can ask yourself “How am i showing up today? Am I choosing to see the miracles in today? Or am I choosing to see the struggle? Am I choosing to put off my happiness until my circumstances change?”

I’m here to tell you today that it’s time to wake up. Today is the only day that matters.

This moment is all we have and ultimately, it’s how we spend our moments that make up our days, that make up our weeks, our months, or years, and then our lifetime. And so the importance is this moment right now and how you’re choosing to live today.

Are you choosing happiness? Are you choosing gratitude? Are you choosing joy?

It was Einstein that said there’s two ways to live, either as if everything’s a miracle, or as if nothing’s a miracle.

Are you choosing today to see the miracles in your day-to-day life? Or are you choosing to see struggle and problems?

Are you delaying your happiness until you accomplish a certain result? Remember, what happens when you delay your happiness is that you’ll always be chasing it.

So again, today’s the day. How are you choosing to show up in this moment?

One of the most powerful practices to implement in your life to choose happiness today is a gratitude practice. What are you grateful for? By looking at the things in your life that you can be grateful for, you’re putting your attention on those miracles, as Einstein put it.

And as you remember that happiness is a choice, and that it’s something you can decide for in this moment, you will be living a life that you love.


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