Have You Lost Your Passion?

Have you lost your passion or your spark for one or more areas of your life? If you're feeling lacklustre about something that used to light you up - use the tips in this week's video to re-ignite that fire inside you!

When I first started to explore a new career there were two things that were really important to me (1) flexibility and (2) growth. I wanted to have the time flexibility to be with my young family, to be in control of my calendar and to be doing work where I could continue to grow and expand. If you don't know exactly what it is that lights you up start with what you DO know. It's amazing how the opportunities and ideas start to appear when we ask different questions and focus on what we do know.

Take some time to write your bucket list this week - what are 50 things that you would love to do in your lifetime? Which of those really get you excited? Are there some steps that you could take towards making those happen?

Life should light you up so dare to ask the question 'What Would I Love?"

To Your Success,