Here's how I start my day

Many years ago I had an employee tell me she woke up early to meditate before coming to work and I'm sure I looked at her like she had two heads! Meditating and getting up before I absolutely had to were not part of my consciousness at all. I'm glad I'm a life long learner and have and open mind because I can't imagine my days starting any other way now. Do you have an intentional morning routine or do you maybe wake up thinking about your to-do list, scroll through your phone or scramble to get ready for the day? 

I know that having an intentional morning practice has been key in my life for setting my day up for success and bringing me closer to my vision. Learn about what my routine is in this week's video, and learn how you can easily start to create a new habit and why it's important.

Maybe 5:00 a.m, isn't for everyone, but consider adding 5, 10 or 20 minutes into your morning routine in order to create an impact on the rest of your day! 

Here's to Your Success,