How to Amplify the Law of Attraction

If you have a gratitude journal, do you want to increase the power of it? And if you haven’t started one, here’s why you should start.

Gratitude is such a powerful energy and a powerful practice. Most people have heard the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, writing down everyday things that you’re a grateful for. Here’s how to amplify that practice.

If you don’t have a gratitude journal, it’s something that I would HIGHLY encourage you to start. When people ask me “What’s one thing I can do to start to transform my life?”, I always start with suggesting a gratitude practice.

To start, every morning you would write down 1 to 3 to 10 things that you’re grateful for. You can do this at any point in the day, but the reason doing it in the morning is so powerful is that it’s a great way to set the tone for the day. We choose what clothes we’re going to wear, how we’re going to do our hair and makeup, but the most important thing you can put on in the morning is your mindset.

By starting with gratitude, you are starting your day in a really good mind frame.

When we’re looking for what we have in our life to be grateful for, it gets us focused on the good and what’s going right. Wherever we place our attention is where the energy flows and what we will attract more of into our life.

By focusing on what you’re grateful for, you start to look for the good, and therefore you attract more good into your life.

Is there a painting on your wall that maybe you don’t notice anymore? It’s just a fixture on the wall and you see it all the time – the same thing can happen with your gratitude practice. When we get doing something on a repetitive basis, it can become repetitive and there’s not a lot of energy to it. To amplify that gratitude practice is to really evoke the emotion in it.

It’s fairly easy to say “I’m grateful for my home, I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful for my pet.” Those types of things are pretty easy to list off. It’s when we feel the emotion of it, that’s what really amplifies the feeling to attract more good into our life. There are two ways to amplify that gratitude:

  1. Add more detail. Instead of saying “I’m so grateful for my kids,” you could say “I’m so grateful for yesterday, when my kid came running up to me and gave me a great big hug and said I love you.” Or, maybe somebody in your family took you out for a nice meal, or a stranger helps you with your groceries. By reliving that moment and that memory in the specifics, you’re increasing your energy, you’re increasing your emotion, you’re adding more amplitude to it. So instead of being general, be more specific.

  2. Ask “Why am i grateful for this?” “I’m grateful for my home” – what about your home? Why are you grateful for your home? “My home keeps me safe. It’s a place to host my family, to host my friends. It’s a place where I can go and read and relax, where I can prepare meals,” and by defining the specifics, again it’ll increase the amplitude, which increases your energy and mindset for the day which is setting you up for success.

Gratitude is such a powerful practice, I would highly encourage you to experiment with it and see what happens. Commit to a 30 day experiment with writing down five to ten things that you’re grateful for every day, and see what happens in your life.

If you’re noticing it’s becoming more of something that you’re just doing and not feeling, try adding something more specific to that gratitude list and then ask the question why. And by doing those two things you’ll amplify your results.

So what are you grateful for today? Take a minute and start your first journal entry right now.

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