How to bounce back from a setback

How do you bounce back from a setback?

Have you had a disappointment? A failure? Something has happened in your life and it really set you back, and you’re not sure if you can go forward?

How do you recover? How do you really move past this setback?

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Have you found yourself playing the blame game? You're beating yourself up, you're blaming yourself, you're wondering how did I get here?

First of all, know that you are not alone. You are not alone, no matter what that setback is. Take comfort in the fact that you are not the first person to have experienced this. I know for me, if I can say, “Okay other people have navigated this, other people have got over this, have moved beyond this, and aren’t just surviving but they’re thriving. So if they can do it, so can I.”

There can be comfort in that. Take note that you’re not the first person. Nobody will ever have your exact experience and is feeling exactly how you’re feeling right now, but know that other people have gotten through similar things, and so can you.

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One of the most difficult things, but most important things is to practice self-compassion.

Have you found yourself playing the blame game? You’re beating yourself up, you’re blaming yourself, you’re wondering how did I get here? And if we’re not careful, that inner critic, can get dialled up and pretty loud inside of our heads.

Cause yourself in those moments to dial that inner critic down and dial up self-compassion.

How would you speak to a best friend that was navigating this right now? How would you speak to a child or somebody else you love? What would you tell them? Take that, turn it inwards and really practice gentleness, self-compassion, and self-love as you’re navigating this.

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Inside of this setback you have an important choice to make here. This could define you, as you hang on to this setback and allow it to inform your decisions. Maybe you’re now wanting to play it safe, not wanting to put yourself out there to avoid further setbacks.

That’s absolutely a choice you can make, or you could also choose something different. To say, “This was one thing that happened in my life but it’s not my whole story. I’m going to choose to take this setback, this failure, this disappointment and grow from it, learn from it, make me stronger and improve myself.” And really take this as an opportunity to launch yourself forward into the next thing.

Easy to say, not simple to do, but in order to do that, it’s really being willing to acknowledge that this happened, to admit that it may not have been my preference, but I’m going to choose to get the lessons, choose to get the learnings and move forward. I hear this all of the time from people who experience these types of setbacks, as they choose this attitude, that it’s one of the best things that ever happened to them, because of what it taught them, because of who they became in the process, what they learned about themselves, and they have gratitude for that experience. That’s what I want for you.

And so, being willing to take the learnings, to ask what can I learn from this? How can I grow from this? What do I want to choose to take from this? And then start moving forward.  Who do I want to be in the face of this setback? Who am I choosing to show up as? Is this going to define me and and cause me to play small, to be resentful, to be bitter and angry for the rest of my life? Or am I going to choose to say you know what? This happened. I’m going to love myself through this process, I’m going to get the learnings, and then start to apply that, and looking forward.

You are more powerful and contain far more potential than any condition, any circumstance, any setback, any failure, any disappointment. You are so much stronger than that, and I hope you choose to love yourself through this setback.

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