How to Find Time for What’s Important

To find more time in your day, it always starts with having a vision or a goal of what you’re trying to create in your life. And you can go ahead and watch this video on how to create that vision. Once you have your vision and you know where you’re headed, it helps to prioritize your time.

If you think in terms of prioritizing all of the tasks that you have to do in your day, and think about those as being A, B, or C priorities,

  • A priorities are your needle movers. These are the tasks, the activities that are moving you closer to your vision. These are also the commitments where you’ve made a promise to somebody and there’s a deadline to meet, these are our non-negotiables. Really easy with our a priority to try to do them later in the day and when we think about these are my A priorities, these are my needle movers, and do those things first and those become non-negotiable. I must complete these before I go to bed tonight.
  • B priorities are things that will move you a little bit forward they’re maybe not as deadline driven. They could be moved to a different day, so although they are still important, they’re not quite as high priority.
  • C priorities are the ones to watch out for. This is often the “busy work”. These are commitments that maybe aren’t really moving you towards your dream, towards your vision, towards your goal. What happens for most people is they fill their days with C tasks. They fill they days and calendars and spend their most productive time on C tasks, like checking emails. They are doing the things that really aren’t moving them forward. That’s when you get to the end of the day and feel like you didn’t really accomplish anything.

So once you have your vision or goal, and you start to look at everything on your to-do list or your task list, really be honest with yourself. Is this an A, B, or a C? And if it’s a C, cross it off as much as possible, and really focus your time and your energy on your A tasks.

Between family, work, errands, and chores, you feel like you're so busy and there's never enough time. Here's the secret to finding more time in your day.

The other key to really opening up your calendar and expanding your time is celebrate accomplishing those A tasks.

Instead of feeling like I didn’t get anything done today, start looking at what did I accomplish today? How did I move my goal forward? How did I move my dream forward? And start to notice where you are taking the action that’s actually moving you forward, where you’re creating more time and space in your day. And as you start celebrating that, you’re going to feel more accomplished at the end of the day, which is going to feel good, and when we feel good we do good, so it creates this upward momentum.

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The other way to open up more time is to be accountable. Research has shown over and over and over again that we are 90x more likely to achieve our goals and our dreams when we have structures of support and accountability around us. So who is your accountability partner? When you’re thinking about an accountability partner, it’s really good not to find somebody else who is stuck where you are. Find somebody who’s further ahead to help you be more accountable.

One of the places that you can add that accountability is in our Everexpanding Facebook Community. Go ahead and join that Facebook group as a way to hold yourself accountable to taking the action steps that are actually going to move your dream forward.


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Finally we want to notice where we’re sabotaging ourselves. This could be when we’re allowing ourselves to get “busy” with those C tasks, or when we’re talking ourselves out of doing the thing that’s actually going to move us forward. Self-sabotage is part of our human construct. Imagine, you have a part of you that wants to grow, for things to be different, but there’s another part of you that’s really comfortable where you are and inside your current results.

That comfort zone is going to argue for why you shouldn’t move forward, and why things shouldn’t be different. It shows itself through different forms of self-sabotage. It says, “Let’s wait till Monday before we start that,” or “Do you really want that anyways?” and it’s this little voice inside of our head that really tries to talk us out of our dreams. It makes us wonder what will people think, or fearful of failure.

The more that we can notice that part of us that’s trying to self-sabotage us, we can override it. The way we override it is by reconnecting to your vision, reconnecting to your goals and taking action in the direction of those goals.

To support you on moving forward with those a priorities, we’ve created a habit score card.  It’s a way for you to track those habits and make sure that you’re taking action on those a priorities. Again, I hope to see you in the Facebook group for some more accountability on achieving your goals.

I’m Stacey Berger, here is to you living a life you love!


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