I Don't Want to Get My Hopes Up

Stop getting your hopes up and start expecting good things. 

I have had a few people say to me lately "I am excited about <fill in the blank with your own desire, a new car, a new relationship, a new job...> but I don't want to get my hopes up". 

There are a couple of great educational pieces in this statement and the first one is that "getting your hopes up" implies that something outside of you is responsible for your results; that there is an external effect; that things are happening to me rather than happening in response of my thinking and my actions.  The truth is that our results are a perfect outer reflection of our inner beliefs, thoughts and patterns.  We create our own reality and it is time to own that.  When we can stop thinking that our results are determined by luck, by the economy or by someone else we regain control of our lives and start to write our own story.  

Now, sometimes I get it, the thing we desire or want may not be happening on our timeline, or the way we wanted.  To that, I would like to say always hold your vision/desire with an open hand "this or something even better still".  What may seem like 'not working out' is actually the creative process in motion and that creative process is invisible in this moment.  It is up to us to trust the process, to hold our vision strong and to take inspired action towards that vision and expect that it is working out.  

Last Spring I was on my way to speak at a retreat in Banff, it was a cloudy, snowy day and where I knew I should be able to see the mountains, I could only see clouds and snow.  Even though they were not available to my eyes, I knew without a doubt they were there.  On the other hand, someone who had never driven that highway before, maybe someone who had never seen the great rocky mountains would have had a more difficult time believing that they were in fact there.  And it's the same with your desire - you can't see it in this moment but it's up to you to develop a trust that it is on its way.  

The fact that you dreamed it means that it is possible.  Instead of hoping to see the mountains expect to see the mountains.  And when you are not seeing the results in the outer world and want to proclaim that  'things aren't working" switch your attention to gratitude.  Be grateful that you have control of your outcomes and that this is what it looks like while it's all coming together.  Of course we can have preferences but instead of reacting to external circumstances start making the shift within you to get more engaged in your vision and serve that vision from a place of gratitude and expectancy. 

In great expectation of an amazing day,