I'll Miss Being Four


We have three kids birthdays in four weeks in our house.  Aaron's is last.  So he sat through both of his sisters parties anxiously awaiting his birthday.  '"When will it be my turn?  It's not fair that mine's last.  I can't wait unitl my party.  I want a carrot cake and lots of trucks.'" A few tears were shed in his discontentment that his birthday was last and at times there were squeals as he anticipated his cake and presents. And then it came, the week of his birthday. We started the countdown. And as it got closer to the date he started to get pretty sad and worried about turning five.  He was upset about not being four anymore. "Mom, I'm going to miss being four". 

How many times do we do this in our lives.  We get really excited about a new goal, a new idea, a new job or opportunity.  We imagine what it's going to be like, we make plans and then the time comes when we have to let go of the old;  the old job, the eating habit, the sleeping in, the relationship.  It comes time to leave our comfort zone and we cling to our old life and don't want to let go. 

Aaron didn't have a choice, his birthday was coming, and sometimes we don't have a choice either, we lose a job, someone leaves us, there's a diagnosis that forces a change.  During those times what we do have a choice about is how we will handle the change and how we move forward.  Then there are other times where we do have a choice about moving forward or staying where we are - will we hold on to what makes us comfortable or will we let go and trust that letting go will mean allowing a new experience, a new opportunity, growth and expansion.  

What do you need to let go of to allow for the next highest possibility for yourself shine through? Are you ready to make a decision to let go and make room for the new? 

To letting go,