Is there ever a time to quit your dream?

Have you been asking yourself if it's time to give up on your dream? If things aren't going as you expected or maybe you've experienced some set backs it might have left you questioning if you are still on the right track anymore, or if it's time to switch paths.

There are times when changing your mind or your direction is definitely okay, but as you'll see in this week's video, there is one powerful question to ask yourself, and more importantly, the key to your mindset when making this decision.

As I mention in the video, you really are never too far down any path that you can't change your mind or redirect your focus. The key is coming from an empowered place which will always lead to living into your highest potential.

Here's to your success, 


P.S. Is someone you know at a fork in the road and wondering what is their next step? Pass this video along to help them as they navigate that decision.