What Am I Missing?

Yesterday I woke up to the most amazing sunrise.  All of the colours, the shapes of the clouds - it truly was remarkable.  I gave gratitude for the beauty and for our east facing windows.  And then, I walked into the kitchen and looked out our south facing windows and saw a blue, dull sky.  Same house, same sky - different perception. 

It got me thinking about all of the people that woke up and missed the beauty of the sunrise because they looked south or maybe north instead of east.  It's amazing how the beauty can be right in front of us if we were just to make a slight switch in our perception.

What beauty are you missing in your life.  Where do you just need to shift your perception one degree to see the opportunities that currently exist?  

Perception is one of our incredible mental faculties.  If you would like to learn more about perception and the other 5 powers of our mind join me on Wednesday, March 16th for a free online event as we explore the power of our mind.  You can register here

Today, look for the beauty, see the opportunities and as you put your attention there you will continue to attract more of it into your life. 

To your success,