Lessons Learned from a Rock Concert

It was Thursday morning, the day of the Tragically Hip concert and just a few months ago when the concert was first announced Jeff and I both vowed that we would be there and then life took over and we forgot about it. Then Thursday morning arrived and we were lamenting about not going and two voice started in my mind.

"We would love to go, it's the Hip, it's their LAST tour" and then voice two pipes in with  "Tickets will be impossible to get, we've seen them lots, it's too much money, I don't want to ask anyone to babysit, I have a work commitment, it'll be a late night...."   Do you ever have those two voices arguing in your mind?  One gets your heart racing a bit with excitement and the other one, steeped in logic, very fact based and can talk you into, or out of, just about anything.

Thankfully I have been training my mind to listen to that first voice and at least entertain the possibility.  A search online for tickets, a call out for babysitting, and a decision that we will be there. 

And then we were there.  Standing in line in the rain with the other concert goers and then into our seats.  I felt like I was twenty again as the memories began flooding in. 

And then there they were.  Five guys on stage living their passion in front of an audience that was ready for the final good-bye.  My mind was in deep respect for these men that were living their passion of playing music despite a brain cancer diagnosis.  Feel that for a minute.  On stage, on tour, in front of thousands of fans with brain cancer. I almost didn't go because 'it would be a late night" and he's up there singing with brain cancer. The choices we get to make.  

What I admire the most is that they didn't wait for a brain cancer diagnosis to live their passion - they've been doing it for decades and were embracing one last chance.  Would I make that same decision? Are you living your passion?  Are you listening to that voice that gets your heart racing just a bit;  the one that is tempting you to live a little harder, love a little deeper or, do the facts and figures keep you playing safe.  

If you like the Tragically Hip or not, even if you don't know who they are (for perhaps my non-Canadian reader), don't miss the point.  We are given these moments in our life as an opportunity for a check-in; the moment when we get the call about a friend or family member passing away or receive a diagnosis or we witness a tragedy or someone doing something extraordinary.  Thursday night was a check-in for me, an opportunity to dream bigger, risk greater and love deeper because as the Hip sings there's no dress rehearsal this is our life.

To following your passion,