Lessons Learned From Jumping Out of a Plane

Is there something that you know you should be doing, but every time you go to do it you find an excuse not to do it??

Here's the good news - you are not alone!

Watch this weeks video to hear about my extreme experience with this and for tools to help get leverage on yourself so that you can finally do 'the thing' and feel good about it.

When we are moving towards goals we will encounter steps that we know we need to take but are beyond our comfort zone. Whether it's asking someone on a date, getting in front of a crowd, or not hitting the snooze button, sometimes we can feel intimidated by that one step and we put it off. While this is normal, growth occurs outside of our comfort zone so it's time to do it afraid :)

What is one action step you have been putting off because you're afraid? I'd love to hear how this video serves you in making that move in your life.

Here's to Your Success,