Lessons Learned from Reno to San Francisco

This morning I was on an early morning flight from Reno to San Francisco – although it was a short flight it was filled with four big life lessons.

  1. On the plane I sat next to a pilot who was on his way to work.  We were talking about the fact that this was his commute and it was pointed out to him recently that a commute that required a flight was not a normal thing and how it was easy for him to forget that.  On this same trip I had the new opportunity to stay in an amazing Ritz Carlton resort for 6 nights.  The first night I walked into my room and was in awe by the grandeur of it – the windows, the views, the size of the tub and on and on.  By about day 3 I noticed that I was walking into the room as a normal experience and had to remind myself to stay in the awe of it.  


What are you falling asleep to in your own life?  What’s become ‘normal’ in your routine that you can bring a greater sense of appreciation to?


  1. The second lesson was the view from the window seat.  It was big and grand and then as we entered into the San Francisco area we were flying above the most perfectly placed, sky filled, cotton ball clouds reflecting the most amazing pink sunrise, it was one of those moments that as a little girl (and lets be honest, even as an adult) you wish you could go bounce on those clouds.  Pretty soon as we descended we were into the clouds and through them and we entered a dull, grey scene.  Same clouds – different perspective. 


What situation are you facing right now that you could shift your perception on?  Is there some good in the situation that if you just made a slight shift in your perception you could see the light, because there is light in every situation.


  1. Lesson 3 – There were a few minutes as we were decending into the clouds where there was, in my perspective, zero visibility.  I had faith, that although they probably couldn’t see the runway the pilots were operating on an incredibly intelligent GPS system that was guiding them to the right place. 

Am I trusting my own internal GPS even when I can’t see the landing?  Steve Jobs said it best when he said “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”  This takes trust – can you turn up the volume on trusting that things are working out even when you can’t see all the steps or the landing?

4) Stay awake to the lessons – like I said, it was an early flight and I was dozing on and off but was still awake to the lessons that were being offered to me in the moment.  I believe that is our work to do – to stay awake more often to the gifts and the opportunities that life is always presenting. 

Time to board the next flight – I wonder what lesson awaits…
To staying awake,