Let's Talk Money.

I am currently teaching a class on money and how to change our relationship with it to welcome more prosperity in our lives.  It's inviting us to take a look at our beliefs around money and how those beliefs may be restricting the financial flow into our lives.   

Some popular ideas that I hear often are:

          "Money doesn't grow on trees"
          "You have to work hard to make money"
          "It's not polite to talk about money"
          "Go to school and get a job with a pension"
          "You can't do what you love and make money"
          "You can't have lots of money and good relationships"
          "You can't make money in this economy"
          "There's never enough"

Are any of these part of your money story?

Money is the symbol that we have created for freedom.  It, like everything else in our Universe, is energy and is completely neutral and we get to decide if it is good or bad, expansive or restrictive, in lack or abundant.  

Here are some ideas on how to make money more welcome in your life:

1) Pay attention to and be grateful for the abundance that exists right now.  Our minds tend to notice what we don't have instead of celebrating the abundance that is all around you.  Start to bless the material objects that you do have in your life, celebrate finding the dime on the sidewalk, bless your car, be grateful for the books on your bookshelf.  The more gratitude we have for our current situation the more we are in alignment with abundance.  

2) Bring order into your life.  Is your wallet stuffed with old receipts, are your bills crammed in?  Take time to organize your wallet.  Are there other areas in your life that you can bring some order to?  Clean out that 'junk drawer', clear out your closet?  Your inbox?  The Universe loves order and when we bring order into our lives again we are aligned to attract more.  

3) Write down the limiting beliefs that you have about money and then write down your new belief about money.  For example "I can do work I love AND make money".  It is not enough just to recognize the limiting belief we must replace it with a new idea.  Start telling your new story about money.  When we tell a new story we  attract a different result.  

Take one of these and put it into practice today.  Remember that money represents freedom and will allow you to be free enough to give your gifts to the world and to give in other ways that you have always wanted to give. 

To your prosperity,